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Crucible is your digital launch partner - we turn your great ideas into even better products.

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Why Crucible?

A company turning ideas into beautiful things

Whether you are a first timer or serial entrepreneur - the challenge is always the same. How do you take an amazing idea, execute on it and make it a reality?

Say hello to Crucible - your digital launch partner; we turn your great idea into a fully functional product in 4 weeks.

We want to see you succeed. So we’ll be there to chat and collaborate with you on a daily basis. We'll also advise you on the product vision and business model so you can validate your idea, raise money, and take over the world.

Our expertise

The skills and experience to take an idea from inception to launch

With decades of industry experience servicing not only entrepreneurs like you, but also our own projects - we have the skills and knowledge to build, launch and support your ideas and dreams.

Whether your idea requires a static website, a cross-platform mobile app or a complex web application you can rely on Crucible to deliver.

Some of our favorite technologies include Node.js, React & React Native, MySQL, Objective-C and unique combination of homebrew frameworks & tooling. We partner with Amazon Web Services to provide scalable, reliable cloud-infrastructure.

Our process

Simple, reproducable steps for success

We keep our process simple, straightforward and focused on delivering working products & happiness.

  • The first step is to have a chat, discuss your idea and to ensure we're a good fit.
  • We will send over a small contract formalizing an agreement to work together.
  • We split the work into phases to allow us to easily track progress and milestones.
  • You will be able to track progress through demos and dedicated testing environments.
  • We are available to chat on a daily basis to go over your project and answer any questions.
  • The end result is a working product to validate your idea, raise funding or launch directly to customers.

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